On the horizon

Welcome to St. John, a small Lutheran Church that welcomes everybody. St. John has some exciting events planned for the next couple of weeks. Read on to get the low-down, or check out our calendar.

Feb. 15         ‘Food Cart Sunday’ for Partage Vanier.

Feb. 17        Worship service at G. Armstrong Home, 10:30am; Pastor Joel presiding.  Also, the Bible study group is invited to the home of Bob Pierce at 5:45pm or so – for ‘soup’ and conversation to decide what study to follow this term. Discussion starter: What current issues interest you and what does the church say about them?

Feb. 18         Ash Wednesday worship service, 7:30pm. Lenten services continue on Wednesdays, 7:30pm until Holy Week.

Feb. 22         The Danish Club meets in Ebinger Memorial Hall, 2:00pm.

Feb. 28        Money, Values & Me 2015 event at Christ Church Cathedral, Sparks St., Ottawa. See poster and brochure in the narthex for all the details. Registration deadline: Feb. 16, 2015

March 1       ‘Bread Sunday’ for Partage Vanier.

March 2       Confirmation Class, 5-7pm in Ebinger Memorial Hall.

March 6       World Day of Prayer 2015 ~ Bahamas ~ St. John hosts the service for our area this year; we’ll meet in Ebinger Memorial Hall at 7:00pm, with refreshments to follow. There are some reading parts for anyone who would like to participate and volunteers are needed to help with the refreshments on the day. Thank you in advance! Please speak to Bev Mathesius. http://www.wicc.org/

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Matthew 22:15-22 October 19, 2014

With an election pending in Canada next year, the plotting has already started. Families especially are being promised goodies left and right by the parties – big money spent on national child care, tax relief on hockey registrations, hints of a bigger bonus to parents with young kids. In preparation for the political ads that will come our way, the Conservatives are pursuing a plan to freely use new footage. The grandstanding in the House of Commons can expect to heat up. No doubt, from all sides, there will be many questions posed or planted to trip up the other candidates.

That’s certainly the scenario we see in our gospel this morning, one of the most political texts we will hear all year. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2014

How many times for do we say thanks in a day, and how many times do we really think about those words, and their meaning? Thank you. Most of the time the words “thank you” are an automatic response, like putting on a seatbelt in a car: we do it because we know we should, and we have learned to do it, through repetitive action. A door is opened for us, and we say thank you. A compliment is extended, we say thank you. A purchase is processed for us, and we say thank you. Saying thank you is one of those manners that keep society steady. Continue reading

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Matthew 21:23-32 September 28, 2014

A couple nights ago, my wife Erin came home seething, sharing the story of a couple of Fox News commentators who had insulted a woman named Mariam Al Mansouri. If you don’t know recognize the name that’s Major Mariam Al Mansourie, the first female fighter pilot of the United Arab Emirates.  On Monday, she was a team leader in the air strikes against ISIS, on a mission in an F16.

The two men at Fox News, sitting safe and sound in a studio, had decided that this was hilarious. One made a joke about her anatomy, Continue reading

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Matthew 20:1-16 September 21, 2014

What a rip off! Imagine you spend all day, under the boiling sun, working in a vineyard, and someone else showed up toward the end of the workday, wouldn’t you expect to be paid more than them? Why should the latecomer, who worked but a few hours, get the same payment as you, who worked so many more hours. Who wouldn’t want to complain about that? This is not the way the world works, right? You work hard and you are compensated more. If you want to sit around and show up late to the game, well that’s your choice but don’t expect an equal benefit.

Except… Continue reading

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Matthew 18:21-25 September 14, 2014

My mother, as many of you know, is facing a difficult cancer diagnosis. The prognosis now looms larger over our entire family. It is even more complicated by the fact that, despite years of symptoms now obvious in hindsight, the cancer was missed until it had advanced too far for a cure. My mother did everything right: she went to the doctor with her symptoms, she took the tests that were ordered, she looked for other causes when the doctors played down her concerns. She accepted it when the surgeon, not just once, but twice told her all was clear Continue reading

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Matthew 28:16-20—Holy Trinity—Father’s Day

There is perhaps no book of the Bible more contentious than Genesis. And it all begins in Chapter One, with the story of creation so elegantly written.

Genesis causes us frustration – and consternation – for all kinds of reasons. Eve’s infamous act in the Garden of Knowledge, which has yet to happen in the sunny glow of this morning’s reading, has become a tool for sexist attitudes about the place of women with respect to men, and the political foundation, in many ways, for patriarchy. Continue reading

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Pentecost Sunday

Let’s be honest: in our own individual universe, we are the sun. Circling us are the people we choose to bring into our solar system – the inner circle of family, the closest friends. The next circle includes acquaintances and coworkers. The larger but more distant circles are neighborhood, city, nation, world. Our lives are shaped by whom we choose to put in which circles and when we do it, and they are usually in flux. Continue reading

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