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Welcome to St. John, a small Lutheran Church that welcomes everybody. St. John has some exciting events planned for the next couple of weeks. Read on to get the low-down, or check out our calendar.

August 14 – 17   WORTH IT ~Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering in Kamloops, BC.

August 17  ‘Flash Mob’ at St. Peter Lutheran Church, 400 Sparks St. 10:00am worship service. No service at St. John that day.

Looking ahead: Ottawa Lutherfest 2014 ~ Musical evening and reception to “give common witness (of our Lutheran heritage) to our community, and to each other, of the central and continuing importance of Luther’s work”. Saturday, November 1st at All Saints Lutheran Church, 1061 Pinecrest Road. Please refer to the letter on the church bulletin board for details and watch for updates.

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Matthew 28:16-20—Holy Trinity—Father’s Day

There is perhaps no book of the Bible more contentious than Genesis. And it all begins in Chapter One, with the story of creation so elegantly written.

Genesis causes us frustration – and consternation – for all kinds of reasons. Eve’s infamous act in the Garden of Knowledge, which has yet to happen in the sunny glow of this morning’s reading, has become a tool for sexist attitudes about the place of women with respect to men, and the political foundation, in many ways, for patriarchy. Continue reading

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Pentecost Sunday

Let’s be honest: in our own individual universe, we are the sun. Circling us are the people we choose to bring into our solar system – the inner circle of family, the closest friends. The next circle includes acquaintances and coworkers. The larger but more distant circles are neighborhood, city, nation, world. Our lives are shaped by whom we choose to put in which circles and when we do it, and they are usually in flux. Continue reading

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Galai School/African Project Benefit Concert


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Getting Ready for Pentecost Sunday

A great Sunday to celebrate our life together in the ELCIC!

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John 14:1-14—5th Sunday of Easter—May 18, 2004

“If in my name, you ask for it, I will do it.”

This is what Jesus tells the disciples, in response mostly to questions from Thomas, at the end of our gospel. That’s a pretty big promise. Has Jesus been keeping it? How many times, do we ask for something in our prayers that doesn’t come true? How many times do we feel let down by our faith? At a time in Canadian society when religion is so often portrayed as an unreasonable belief, one held only by people who don’t think deeply of the world, we often do this ourselves as well. We reduce faith to a contract: ask Jesus for something and he’ll take care of it for us. Continue reading

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Luke 24:13-35—Third Sunday of Easter—May 4, 2014

This week, manners and civility were a hot topic in my house. As most of you know, my wife Erin writes for The Globe and Mail, and we tease her that whatever topic she is working on at the time tends to come home with her. Sometimes it’s math games or mindfulness. The story she did about housework was fun for all of us. This week, she was researching rudeness, and this led to all sorts of “conversations” at the dinner table and a corresponding rise in ‘pleases’ and ‘thank-your’ around the house. Because they are not here today, I have a little more wiggle room than I am used to. But I am not talking behind her back – which would be rude – I ran this by her first. Continue reading

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John 20:19-31—Second Sunday of Easter—April 29, 2014

Yesterday, The Globe and Mail ran a story about a woman named Catharina MacMillan, under the headline “The Good Death.” Catharina was a mom and wife who, after a long battle with cancer, was given only months to live. She chose to face it head on. Making plans for her own funeral and final days. Taking care of her will with its precise instructions.  Saying goodbye to loved ones. Taking one final trip to a beloved location with those closest to her. She knew what was coming and she laid the groundwork for those who would be left behind. This was the good death that the story described, one perhaps we all hope for, even though, most of the time, we dare not speak of it. Continue reading

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