100 years: A history of St. John

The year 1995 was a special one for the people of St. John. This was the 100th anniversary of the church founding. One of the activities from that year was the production a book to commemorate this history, “Come Celebrate With Us”.

This book is not just about the history of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ottawa. It’s about the men and women who devoted their lives to God and His Church. It’s about the forefathers who shaped the church, and the servants who led Christian lives in it.

The history of St. John is both rich and noteworthy. To record all the events that occurred from 1895 to 1995 would mean to compile them in several volumes. As this is not feasible nor practical, the events have been condensed to this one book with two purposes in mind. The first, to signify the events as an important part of Lutheran history in Ottawa, and the second, to bring memories of Christian fellowship and stewardship at St. John to the hearts and minds of its members.

A list of family stories have been included at the end of the book to give the reader a glimpse into the lives of Lutheran families who helped shape St. John in first 100 years. This list is by no means exhaustive.

It is sincerely hoped that the reader will enjoy this journey through 100 years of St. John history. The anniversary committee would like to dedicate this book to the devoted men, women and children, past and present, of St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church.

By God’s grace, St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church has witnessed a century of ministry and stewardship that has touched the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of Lutherans and fellow men and women in Ottawa and beyond. None can predict with certainty what the next 100 years will bring, but with the guidance from God and with the spiritual growth of His people, St. John will be there to serve guide and inspire, as it did in the first century.

To be sure, there will be much change in the 21st Century. However, as Christians, we take comfort in knowing that even today, God’s Word, as the basis for Christian faith, has not, and will not, change. As well, much of what Martin Luther spoke of more than 450 years ago still applies in the spiritual lives of today’s Lutheran’s. Just as the St. John anniversary logo has Luther’s seal as its foundation, the members of St. John have Luther’s teachings as a strong foundation for their faith. We at St. John will continue to live as committed and loving servants of God and faithful followers of Martin Luther in the years to come.

Come celebrate with us!

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