Father’s Day 2010: Millennium Development Goals

On the eve of the G20, what’s news we all remember – a million dollar fake lake decorated with canoes, to show off the beauty of Canada. Or maybe it’s the sight of the sunken fire hydrant, its tip poking out from the newly refreshed sidewalk that was built to be admired by world leaders – pretty and completely impractical. An odd way to throw away money given that Canada is far prettier than most places anyway, and certainly has its share of real lakes, and when you imagine that prime ministers and president aren’t likely to be fascinated by sidewalks. But it actually pretty sad – all jokes aside – since the ultimate intention (if not always the outcome) of these G20 meetings is to be practical – to get the job, any job, finished, or at least started. And here we are prettying up the place with fake lakes. Trying explaining that to a classroom of school kids in Africa