Saturday, Sept 18: Church community garage sale and annual picnic

Come join St. John at the New Edinburgh Annual Community Garage Sale and St John’s ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC, this Saturday Sept 18.

If you can help in any way, please speak to Pastor Joel or Bev. Donations of muffins, rice krispie squares, etc. for sale are most welcome. Maybe the sellers can work in shifts so that it’s not such a long day (but a fun one!) The Sunday school/youth group will be out in full force at the parsonage garage for the day –all proceeds will be put towards filling CLWR We Care children’s school kits.

The next day following service with a baptism we will have our annual church picnic on the lawn next to the church. Bring your favourite salad or dessert and come for a BBQ. Enjoy a relaxing lunch while the children and the young-at-heart strut their stuff in the bouncy house.

Come out and join in the fun! It doesn’t matter how new or old you are here at St John. Everyone is welcome.

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