Dissolution of ELW

St. John’s ELW Praise Offering Service will be held on Sunday, Oct. 17th during the morning worship gathering. We will use the prepared program of Evangelical Lutheran Women, our farewell to the national organization. Karen Wollenschlager and Ruth Johnston will be looking for volunteers, so speak to them if you would like to participate –readers, ushers, etc. Refreshments to follow in Ebinger Hall.

Most everyone has heard by now that our national ELW is in the process of dissolution. The official letter sent out in June was too lengthy to include here but we thought you might like to read the final paragraph written by Ruth Magnuson, Executive Director.

“We are now at the beginning of our pilgrimage, the time for departure has come. To be a pilgrim is to be on one’s way –on one’s way towards a goal….A pilgrimage, however is not an escape from life itself, to alienate us from it. Rather, it is a pilgrimage with God in order to dare to be in life. The pilgrimage in an old tradition reminds us that life is a walking from birth to death with God –of, by and to God. Life is a process with God, with ourselves and with other people… When we now, in the hands of God, venture ourselves into new territory, let us remind each other of God’s promises on the journey of life”. (quotes from Sinfonia Oecumenica, Pilgrimages, pg. 345-346)