Sermon: Be Ready

Second week of Advent (Dec 5, 2010) If we ever found ourselves in an interrogation room with John the Baptist, we know which cop he’d be: in the good-cop, bad-cop partnership, he definitely falls into bad-cop category. Of all the people in the gospel, he is the one cast as the speaker of truth, the revealer of hard facts. He stands out in that respect, because all the other disciples were generally softer with us, even when they were criticizing the behaviour around them. We know we are being told to smarten up, of course, but it’s more like a quiet chat than a tongue lashing. But not John – he did not hold back. He took his role of preparing the way very seriously, as if his job were to clean up the streets before Jesus arrived. He would definitely be a tough-on-crime kind of politician. A tell-it-like-it-is kind of guy. And he, probably, would have made all of us very uncomfortable.