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Don’t Sail On By Those In Need

3rd Sunday of Easter—Luke 24:36b-48—April 22, 2012 On the ocean this week, three fishermen were found stranded at sea. The engine had died on their boat, the Fifty Cent, and they had been drifting aimlessly for nearly a month. Two … Continue reading

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Doubt Gets A Bad Name

2nd Sunday of Easter-April 15, 2012-John 20: 19-31 Doubt gets a bad name on the path to faith. It is typically seen as something that erodes our faith in the gospel, that moves us farther away from God. A posture … Continue reading

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Today, I Will Rise

Easter Sunday – April 8, 2012 Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed! Hallelujah! If we are paying attention, there is a moment – a second in time – between when we open our eyes in the morning and when … Continue reading

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Living In the Moment of Good Friday

Good Friday April 6, 2012 What is it about tragedies that draw the crowds? Since the early days of theatres, humanity has been captivated by stories of star crossed love, sacrificing heroes, and disaster. We go to movies and weep … Continue reading

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Noise and Silence; Celebration and Contemplation

The moment of silence has always been for me the most centering and powerful part of any memorial service I have attended. More than a speech, more even then music, it is that silent minute, that brings our witness so … Continue reading

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