Third Sunday in Lent—John 4:5-42—March 15, 2020

What is our responsibility to each other? Some Sundays, the gospel poses this question to us, and we think, well, let’s mull that over. It’s theoretical. We can have the moral debate – what do we owe the stranger on the street? How much of ourselves do we sacrifice for our community? Do I really … Continue reading Third Sunday in Lent—John 4:5-42—March 15, 2020

Joint Worship Service Next Sunday

Tri-congregational worship Jan 19th at 10am at St. Peter's Lutheran, 400 Sparks St.  We'll worship together with folks from St. John/RLC/St. Peter and afterward enjoy a light lunch hosted by St. Peter’s with a conversation about how we might work together to provide a strong Lutheran witness in Ottawa.  Please worship with us and join … Continue reading Joint Worship Service Next Sunday