St. John’s is proud to sponsor and work with a wide variety of missions around the world in order to serve our call to serve others. We also have a variety of ministries to serve the community and people of Ottawa.


School in Galai, Liberia

St. John has just completed a long project to build a school in Liberia. While not without its challenges, this was a great way to continue our mission work and contribute to our global community. We followed this by contributing funds for a well for Galai, as well as helping to furnish the school. We pray that this is a great space of learning for the children of Galai moving forward and that the school reminds others of the importance of global citizenship.

Ottawa Lutheran Refugee Sponsorship Committee

The Ottawa Lutheran Refugee Sponsorship Committee is responsible for managing and executing refugee sponsorships on behalf of several of the Ottawa Lutheran Churches. The committee have been sponsoring refugees since the late 1980s and hope to continue this important work long into the future. Their group is entirely volunteer and is funded by donations from congregations and individuals.  The newcomers we have sponsored to date have come from Syria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Vietnam.  We are very thankful for the work of our representative, Saralyn Lichty, who keeps us updated with the progress of our sponsorships, and the needs that the newcomers have. We continue to raise funds for these sponsorships through several fundraising events and opportunities.

Partage Vanier

We continue to support our local food bank in Vanier with offerings that are collected on a bi-weekly basis.  These gifts are very much appreciated by people who are in need around the year.  Thank you for your loving support. Partage Vanier Food Bank is a local food bank located at 161, Marier av. in Vanier.  It provides baskets of food and necessities for people who are in need.  Partners are also involved in offering resources such as budgeting, recipes using the food banks current ingredients or how to opt for a nutritional diet on a budget.  A coordinator and a group of volunteers ensure the operations of the food bank. The Partage Vanier now has a community garden which produces fresh vegetables for the food bank’s clients.

Garry J Armstrong Home

It is our privilege and joy to serve the residents of Garry J.  Once a month Pastor Joel conducts the service in the Chapel and visits with the Lutheran residents.   The residents especially appreciate the Christmas Day service presided over and supported by the people of St John.  The Lutheran residents are visited weekly by Pat Currie, who also serves on the Spiritual Care Committee. We are most grateful for her dedicated service and her loving care.

We wish to thank Joyce Poulin and Pat Currie for their musical talent as the organists for the monthly services.  Thank you!

The New Edinburgh Community Choirs

We are happy to host two Community Choirs to help lift our voices in song. The New Edinburgh Community Choirs provide opportunities for musical and cultural growth for adults and children in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood and larger Ottawa community. The neighbourhood is home to a diverse population, which includes embassies and consulates. As a result, these two choirs (one for children and one for adults) seek to celebrate the diversity of this community through the singing of a vast repertoire of songs. The Adult’s Choir rehearses Monday evenings at 7:30pm at the Church, following the Children’s Choir rehearsals at 5:30pm. Children’s Choir registration is open to all youth ages 7 and up. No experience is required. For more information, please contact Josh at or come join them at a rehearsal!

The Ladies’ Social Circle Group

The Ladies’ Social Circle Group does great work donating a wide array of gifts, such as their donation of Baby Bundles (blankets, clothing, and bedding) as well as knitted or crocheted blankets to the Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

Sunday School

We have been blessed with a very vibrant and growing Sunday School program, to help keep young kids connected to the church. We invite the children to go and enjoy some interactive bible learning after a Children’s message with Pastor Joel, where they can make new friends, learn more about the Christian faith and have some fun!

Confirmation Classes

Confirmation classes are offered for youth beginning in Grade 7, as a two-year program that happens once a month.  The classes follow Sunday morning service from 12-4.  Lunch is provided.  There are seven confirmands in this year’s class.  We have interactive, social justice learning events during our time together.  The goal is to learn what it means to be a person of faith while helping the world become a better place and having fun doing it.


Pageants are one of the most exciting parts of our year! Our youth, led by our phenomenal coordinator Erin, put on pageant plays to celebrate Christmas, Easter, and other major holidays. They are a great seasonal treat, and a great way to invite the youth to lead the service in a fun and interactive way. One special feature of our past two pageants is that they have been increasingly youth-led, with the choreography, narration, and music provided by our older youth.

Bible Studies

St. John offers a monthly Bible study to challenge you to think a little deeper on a wide variety of biblical texts and topics. Our most recent study is focused on a series called Living the Question. Living the Questions is a source of curriculum and media for both seekers and “church alumni/ae” convinced that Christianity still has relevance in the 21st Century. Providing a variety of flexible resources, Living the Questions can help people explore the future of Christianity and what a meaningful faith can look like in today’s world. If that is something that interests you, please contact Pastor Joel at

Community Space for Community Use

In need of a location to practice your music, offer lessons or any other need of space for Not-for-profit or community work? Contact us at