Second Sunday in Lent—Mark 8: 31-38

Has there ever been a society so full of temptations and so well-designed to help us slip into them? Judging from the current debt load in Canada, we can see how consumerism has tempted us. Walk down any street, and there’s the temptation to buy something – and easy credit to buy it now and … Continue reading Second Sunday in Lent—Mark 8: 31-38

Fourth Sunday in Lent—March 30, 2014- John (9:1-41)

I quote: “Fred Phelps was a colossal jerk, the kind of person no one wanted to be around.” This is how Time Magazine begins an obituary of the Kentucky preacher who died last week, after becoming famous for his homophobic bigotry and rants.  He once referred to Canada, which had then recently awarded equal benefits … Continue reading Fourth Sunday in Lent—March 30, 2014- John (9:1-41)

Sermon: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

Sunday, October 24. Imagine that every day you go to work, and someone calls you names, or trips you as you walk by when no one is looking. You are afraid to go the bathroom for fear that your harasser might follow you. When you leave at night, they grab your purse or briefcase and dump the contents on the floor. Maybe they even slap you around. You dread going to work, and you don’t tell anyone not even your spouse. All you feel is shame.