True Remembrance

Imagine for a moment, that it happened here. The mood in the country has been growing darker. People are beginning to say that Christians – that Lutherans are to blame for what is wrong in society, that we aren’t true Canadians, that we shouldn’t even be citizens. On the streets, we check over our shoulders … Continue reading True Remembrance

Righteous Resisters

Today, as we approach a week of remembrance, as we consider loved ones lost on this All Saints Sunday, we are presented with the Beatitudes in our Gospel. We are given a divine version of what makes a person powerful and worthy: not strength, and ambition, but humility, and peacemaking, and a willingness to lose … Continue reading Righteous Resisters

John 14:1-14—5th Sunday of Easter—May 18, 2004

“If in my name, you ask for it, I will do it.” This is what Jesus tells the disciples, in response mostly to questions from Thomas, at the end of our gospel. That’s a pretty big promise. Has Jesus been keeping it? How many times, do we ask for something in our prayers that doesn’t … Continue reading John 14:1-14—5th Sunday of Easter—May 18, 2004